Data volume is increasing exponentially across the globe. Companies depend on experts in business analytics to take data-driven decision. Online degrees can help prepare graduates to meet the rising need for business analysts in every industry.

A company can utilize its data to find growth opportunities, while also improving the efficiency of existing operations. For instance by determining which areas a certain consumer spends their money often, a company can create products or services that be appealing to these areas and improve the brand-consumer relationship. Business analysts also collect data on trends in the consumer market and use the data to help businesses improve their marketing strategies.

Predicting the performance changes over time either annually or seasonal on a more general scale, is another crucial aspect of business analytics. With the proper data companies can plan for these changes and anticipate the need for additional resources, like new marketing campaigns or more staff during peak seasons. Business analysts are also able to predict how much inventory a company will require from its suppliers. This helps minimize waste and maximize sales.

Business analytics professionals employ various software tools to analyze and report. Many of these tools are available for free, including well-known programs like Microsoft Excel, which is widely used by BAs for tracking requirements management data storage, data management and data manipulation. Other popular tools include Balsamiq and Axure for wireframes, Visio, Tableau, PowerBI, Bokeh and LucidCharts to display data.

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