The most basic aspect of global business involves the exchange of goods and services across international borders. But there’s more additional reading to it Leaders today need to be aware of the various factors that affect the global marketplace, including the local political and cultural environments. These factors influence the strategic decisions made, such as the selection of materials, outsourcing services as well as the creation of products and campaigns for different markets around the world.

Alongside gaining an understanding of the various factors that influence a successful management strategy Global business studies teach you the necessary skills to effectively work with people from different cultures and communicate across distances. This is a valuable set of skills that employers see as a desirable asset.

Global Business Resources

A variety of print and internet-based publications provide news, analysis, and commentary on global business. Certain publications focus on specific industries while others are focused on specific regions or countries.

You can increase your global business understanding by listening to real-life stories of the experiences of business leaders who operate in the global market. Whatever their success or failure, their stories can bring an element of personal experience to the theories and frameworks you’ve learned in the class. They can also help you think about the challenges and unpredictability of working in an ever changing business environment.

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