A board presentation is one of the most important tasks a leadership team can do. The presentation of the board is a chance for management to discuss their goals and objectives, as well as performance in order for the board to review its progress and decide if it’s on the right path. The board also gets a snapshot of how the company stands in its field and how it compares to its competitors.

A well-designed board presentation should be a mix of high-level information (such as balance sheets, income statements or cash flow statements) and more visual representations of the information. This can include charts that give context to the numbers by connecting them to time intervals, company goals and competitor performance, as examples of assets that demonstrate specific strategies (such as a screenshot of a new website or social media ad).

A good board presentation also includes using language that board members understand and use. This means using common metaphors for growing and driving the business, instead of the more technical terms that can be confusing or overwhelming. Also, it means avoiding terms and phrases, and also including the use of a glossary.

The board will want to understand how your strategy will affect the bottom line, and what’s required to achieve it. It’s helpful to meet with the person who invited you to present prior to the meeting, or even talk briefly on the phone to gain a better understanding of the focus and to find out if there’s important items you should include in your board go to this web-site presentation.

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