In the end, evaluation of your marketing campaign is about determining the extent to which your campaign performed against the goals you have set for it. It can be difficult to make the necessary changes and improve performance without a thorough evaluation.

Begin by setting up clear goals and determining what metrics you want to measure. Then, you should decide on the timeframe to measure those metrics. It could be anything from just a few days up to several months, based on the nature, scope and purpose of your campaign. A timeframe that is defined will assist you in staying focused and achieve your goals.

Then, collect and analyze data from diverse sources such as websites and social media platforms, CRM systems and email marketing tools. Use a template to arrange the data in accordance with your KPIs. This will allow you to identify trends and insights about the performance of your campaign.

After you have the results of your research, you can determine whether your campaign was successful in meeting its goals and generating the expected return on investment (ROI). Be wary by metrics such as page views or likes. Instead be focused on more important metrics that are in line with your goals for the campaign, such as the conversion rate or ROI.

A good market research firm that is experienced in conducting surveys on campaign evaluations will conduct your evaluation and provide you with data-backed recommendations. A research conducted by a third-party vendor will assist you in strengthening your proposition with a complete campaign evaluation that is transparent.

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