Due diligence software is a digital tool that helps streamline the process of conducting extensive studies and evaluations prior to making investments, acquisitions or mergers. This software is primarily used by financial institutions, such as venture capital companies, investment banks, and other companies that need to conduct deals with high priority. This includes healthcare, biotech licensing M&As and intellectual property management, and other business processes requiring a thorough investigation into the buyer’s past.

Depending on the type of due diligence you are conducting, you can select from a range of vendors offering features that meet your requirements. Some of them include HyperComply and Whistic. HyperComply simplifies due diligence for vendors by automating tasks and providing detailed questionnaire templates. It also comes with e-signature functionality to expedite the approval of agreements and documents. It also comes with intelligent Q&A features that facilitate efficient communication between teams and ensure that all questions are addressed, eliminating any ambiguity.

Another top-rated vendor is Whistic, a tool that helps streamline due diligence on vendors by providing a variety of security assessment templates and an inventory of over 1,000 vendors who have been vetted. It also provides a visual dashboard that gives a quick overview of the ongoing and triggered reviews. It can also track issues, monitor alerts and prepare responses.

Another alternative for a due diligence platform is Midaxo which offers the option of a free trial as well as go to my blog many features like a mobile app limit on uploads of documents and collaboration tools, watermarking and many more. It’s used by a wide variety of businesses, including wealth management groups as well as asset managers and chief investment officers who are outsourced and other asset owners.

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