As business owners, you gather and store sensitive information about your clients and employees. You may think that cyberattacks are only a problem for large corporations, but 60 percent of data breaches are affecting small companies1.

A single violation can cost you millions of dollars in settlements and fines. It could also erode your customer’s loyalty. It could also damage the reputation of your business, and could even force you out of your business.

There’s no one-size-fits all solution for data security, however there are a few fundamental actions that every business should take to reduce the risk and safeguard themselves against threats like malware, phishing attacks and data loss. By investing in strong passwords and locking important documents and offering security training to your employees in order to make it harder for attackers to access to your data.

Include regular risk assessments: This helps you identify vulnerabilities and prioritize your security measures. Develop a Comprehensive Security Policy. Create clear guidelines for access, data handling, and what to do if there is a breach. Encrypt sensitive data to make it impossible to read for anyone who is not authorized, both in transit and at rest. Destroy Unused Data: Consider guidelines that instruct your employees on how to erase or clean sensitive information (like shredding or degaussing) to ensure that it isn’t accessible to anyone else who shouldn’t be able to access it.

With these suggestions to build the foundation of an efficient and secure infrastructure that will ensure your business continuity before, during and after an attack from cybercriminals. Get a free consultation with our Cybersecurity and IT expert to find out more about developing the right plan for your unique business requirements.

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