There are a variety of options available to your business if you’re looking for a digital solution that’s complex. From streamlining administrative processes like payroll watch, project many hours of checking and billing to sanitizing customer data by removing errors, inconsistencies and structural obstructions There are a variety of digital solutions to aid your company in streamlining its operations.

It can be difficult for sales professionals to communicate the value of these abilities. This requires new skills such as the ability to alter the value proposition depending on the different needs.

It is also a matter of understanding of the complexity inherent in the digital world. It is not uncommon for successful solutions to trigger requirements for greater services, personalization and greater flexibility. Digital businesses face a significant difficulty in coping with this variability so that they can accept complexity that can add value and avoid complexity that does not. Jeanne Ross is a principal researcher at the MIT’s Center for Information Systems Research and co-author of Designed for Digital : How to Architect Your Business for Sustainable Success (The MIT Press 2019). She is the author of a monthly column on digital strategy for Harvard Business Review.

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