Board portals provide a centralised, secure platform for sensitive files. This ensures that the integrity of the files is maintained. It is important for organisations who are evaluating potential solutions for board management to comprehend how fully the security features offered by the software are used, as well as how they are monitored and maintained. Ask prospective vendors to explain the infrastructure, internal data audits security teams, and how they are able to adhere to the industry standards and protocols.

When choosing a service ensure that you select an option that is simple to learn and simple to use by stakeholders with varying technological competencies and a busy board. Inquire whether the solution is designed with multiple learning preferences in mind, and provides an easy-to-use training and onboarding process to aid in accelerating adoption and uptake. A good solution will provide support options and materials which are accessible 24 hours a day in preparation for board meetings is stressful enough without having to worry about technical issues.

Modern board portals connect boards in the cloud and connect to their calendars on the cloud. They provide a user-friendly interface to facilitate efficient meetings and facilitate collaboration across multiple locations, whilst keeping all the pertinent information in one place. This improves engagement by eliminating the necessity to keep track of emails, sort through piles of papers or search for documents. Agendas, meeting minutes, surveys, and other tasks are marked as complete and immediately updated on the portal, ensuring that all parties receive the most current version of the information.

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